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Kimberly is a Skincare Therapist, Author and Esthetician with over 20 years experience in all aspects of the skincare industry. Kimberly began her professional career by training at the prestigious Aveda Institute of Tampa Bay. With knowledge and experience as a SkinCare Full Specialist. She is also a licensed Body Wrapper, certified Body Sculptor, certified lash tech and certified wax tech.

Kimberly's philosophy, approach and products separate from the rest. She turns the tables to make skincare a top priority rather than the last consideration in deciding one’s beauty regimen. Kimberly has taken the approach that “beautiful skin begins within” so treating the outside without regard for the inside is just business as usual. 



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Cryolipolisis (Fat-Freezing)
UltraSonic Cavitation

Cryolipolysis, is the technical or clinical term used for the “fat-freezing” procedure. The machine uses cold temperatures between -1 Celsius and -11 Celsius to crystallize fat cells. The fat cells are particularly susceptible to the effects of cold, unlike other types of cells. While the fat cells freeze, the skin and other structures are not damaged or injured.

Fat cells have a freezing point of 39 Degrees Fahrenheit, which means that these fat cells become unstable and turned to a crystal form or frozen state, while skin, tissue, and other cells remain intact and undamaged.

A protective layer medical grade gel membrane that won’t freeze is placed between the skin surface and the fat-freeze hand-piece for safety to prevent skin from frostbite or damage and excessive bruising during the cool fat sculpt procedure.

Some bruising may occur but will subside within as little as 24 hours or a maximum of 2 weeks.

Ultrasonic cavitation is a minimally invasive alternative to tumescent liposuction that uses ultrasonic waves to turn fat cells into free fatty acids, which are easier for the body to get rid of.

The midsection, upper arms, thighs, hips, and chin area can be targeted with these low-frequency ultrasound waves, which penetrate the skin and create bubbles around fat deposits. The bubbles then burst, causing the body to get rid of them naturally through the urinary tract and lymphatic system.

Proponents of ultrasonic cavitation say that the technology tones and tightens skin, without causing any pain or significant downtime. The machine essentially fragments body tissue with low fiber content, while leaving the tissue structures around it intact. Many times it is also used in conjunction with certain cancer treatments and surgeries, especially those involving the pancreas or liver.

Vaginal Steaming
Body Sculpting

Vaginal steaming directs herb-infused steam into your vagina. The process is pretty simple — you just sit over a container of herbal-infused steam.

Herbs often used alone or in combination include:

  • mugwort

  • wormwood

  • chamomile

  • calendula

  • basil

  • oregano

Body-sculpting typically refers to treatments that destroy fat cells without surgery. Some of the procedures work by freezing fat cells, others use penetrated heat through radiofrequency or ultrasound therapy, helping to reshape your abdomen, thighs, bottom, thighs and upper arms after a number of sessions.


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